About Us

United Credit Limited (UCL) is the successor to the erstwhile United Bank of India Limited (UBIL).Consequent upon nationalization of the banking sector, the undertaking of UBIL became vested in the corresponding new bank, United Bank of India. And, by way of a scheme of amalgamation approved by the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta by an Order dated 23.8.1974, UBIL was mergedwith UCDCL, and, the assets and liabilities of United Bank of India Limited were acquired by UCDCL, in 1989 Mr. Ravi Poddar took over the management of the Company.

The Company is mainly divided operationally into the lease, hire purchase, consumer financing, investment and capital market operation. The overall management of the Company is vested in the Board of Directors of the Company. Mr. Dipankar Chatterji is the Chairman of the Board and Mr. A. K. Dabriwala is functioning as the Managing Director of the Company.